Moulded Rubber parts of various kinds

Moulded Rubber parts

Moulding of rubber or polyurethane

With our own mould-maker in the group, we can reduce the time from order to finished product significantly, plus you –  as a customer – don’t need to pay for a number of middle hands.

Moulding of rubber or polyurethane from small up to large series with different methods: injection, compression and transfer moulding.

We have a modern machine park with the press force of 400 tonnes, moulds size up to  1300 x 1300 mm and an injection volume of up to 4 litres.

More about molded products in both rubber and polyurethane

Some examples of common moulded products.

  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Rubber-metal bonding
  • Impellers